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Scotes (Scots, Lallans)
Parlada en: Scotland e Er Norde
Tota parlores: 1,5 miliones
Familia: Linguas germanica
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ISO 639-1
ISO 639-2 sco
SIL sco
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Scotes es un lingua germanica relatada a engles, parlada en la paises basa ("Lowlands" o "Lawlands") de Scotland. Lo es ance nomida "Lowland Scots" o "lallans". Un varia parlada en Er Norde es nomida "Ulster Scots" o "ullans". La cuantia de parlores no es clar, car la popla de Scotland no distingui clar entre scotes e la dialeto de engles ance parlada ala. Scotes es clar distinguida de gailica, la lingua celta de la isolas e paises alta ("Highlands") de Scotland, relatada a eres.

Esemplos de Scotes:

Our Faither in heiven,
be hallowt thy name ;
thy Kíngdom come;
thy will be dune
on the yird, as in heiven.
Gíe us our breid for this incomin day;
forgíe us the wrangs we hae wrocht,
as we hae forgíen the wrangs we hae dree’d;
an sey-us-na sairlie, but sauf us
frae the Ill Ane:
for the Kíngdom, the pouer an the glorie ar thine
for ivver an aye. Amen.
La Nosa Padre, de la pajeria de la Eglesa de Scotland
They took nae pains their speech to balance,
Or rules to gie;
But spak their thoughts in plain, braid lallans,
Like you or me.
Robert Burns en Epistle To William Simson
"What tongue does your auld bookie speak?"
He'll spier; an' I, his mou to steik:
"No bein' fit to write in Greek,
I wrote in Lallan,
Dear to my heart as the peat reek,
Auld as Tantallon.
Robert Louis Stevenson en The Maker to Posterity
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