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De Vicipedia

Adding interwiki links[edita la fonte]

Hi people,

There seems to be no Village Pump for the LFN Wikipedia yet. All the same, I have something to say I think the community should know. Since yesterday, it has been possible to link pages on the LFN Wikipedia to Wikidata items. Please don't forget to link your new articles, and also those already in existence, to their relevant articles. That way, interwiki links will be shown in the margin, and links to the lfn wiki will show up in the margin on other Wikipedias. If you're not sure how to do this, please ask me. Steinbach (discute) 07:08, 25 april 2018 (UTC)[reply]

Hi there! In fact, the link is already there, although the page itself it still empty: Vicipedia:Conversa comunial. Steinbach is right, a page like this is absolutely indispensable. It is needed for any discussion between members of the editor community that do not pertain to one specific article. The English village pump is perhaps not the best example, but you may want to have a look at these counterparts in Esperanto, Interlingua, Ido, Occidental and Novial. Cheers, IJzeren Jan (discute) 21:01, 26 april 2018 (UTC)[reply]

Templates[edita la fonte]

And here's one more suggestion. At the moment, the Main Page contains two templates, Model:Article xef and Model:Imaje xef, for a featured article and a featured image respectively. That is excellent! However, this is a small user community and changing them on a regular base is not going to work on the long term (just consider that the Article of the Week on the Volapük Wikipedia hasn't been updated in over ten years now!). Therefore I would suggest to automatize the process. What you can do, for example, is select the best 31 articles of this Wikipedia, save the text you want to display on the Main Page on a page called [[Model:Article xef/26]], and replace the link on the Main Page by {{Article xef/{{CURRENTDAY2}}}}. The result would be that every day of the month a different article is shown on the Main Page. This is precisely what I have done on the front page of Novial Wikipedia.

Of course, days of the month is just one possibility. Alternatively, you can also use weekdays (7), months (12), weeks in a year (53), etc.

The same goes also for the Featured Image, of course. One thing to consider here is this: do you just want a nice picture? In that case, there is wonderful stuff to be found on Commons (for example here). Or do you want a picture that relates and links to a related article?

Best regards, IJzeren Jan (discute) 21:32, 26 april 2018 (UTC)[reply]

I think it is a great idea which I also thought about but I don't have a clue of how to do it.

In relation to this topic, please refer to the Voteria. --Chabi (discute) 08:50, 27 april 2018 (UTC)[reply]

Move de la paje[edita la fonte]

Perce la Paje Xef ia es moveda a Main Page e sua contenidas ia es a retro copiada a en Paje Xef? Mafcadio (discute) 17:59, 4 maio 2018 (UTC)[reply]

  • pardon me. that was an error. I had the notion that "main page" would not show as the title if I did so. I have now moved the page to "la vicipedia de elefen" so that the title is not the odd "paje xef". but if I am in error by doing this, please correct me! I am pretty good a our wikia, but new to wikipedia. thanks! Cgboeree (discute) 14:29, 6 maio 2018 (UTC)[reply]
A, me comprende. The problem now though is that the "Paje xef" link on the left under the logo causes a redirect to the "La vicipedia de elefen" page and it shows "(Redirijeda de Paje Xef)" under the title.
I think I have figured out how to hide the title of the main page. Firstly though, I think the main page should be moved to "Paje xef" to keep it consistent with the wikipedias of the other languages (Unless "Paje xef" isn't a good translationon of "Main Page"?). The "Paje xef" on the left actually links to "Paje Xef" though with a capital X and from what I understand in Elefen only proper nouns and the first word of the title get capital letters, right? I think this can be corrected here: MediaWiki:Mainpage (as mentioned here).
Then to hide the title of the main page, this CSS line body.page-Paje_xef.action-view h1.firstHeading, body.page-Paje_xef.action-submit h1.firstHeading { display: none; } needs to be added to this page: MediaWiki:Common.css (as mentioned here).
I would make these changes but I don't seem to have the permissions to edit those "MediaWiki:" pages.
I'm actually quite new to Wikipedia editing and such myself and still quite new to Elefen so I hope to be corrected too. Grasias.
--Mafcadio (discute) 00:52, 7 maio 2018 (UTC)[reply]
I also tried the MediaWiki method, only to find I don't have permission. (and, not being used to the wikipedia tools, I messed up the main page repeatedly!) I don't know who has permission or how one gets it - perhaps Chabi? You are right about Paje xef - small x. But that is not terribly important, I think. Any help you can give us would be appreciated, tho. Cgboeree (discute) 11:04, 9 maio 2018 (UTC)[reply]

[edita la fonte]

Is it just me or does the logo look a little blurry compared to the equivalent logos of other language wikis? Would anyone mind replacing it with a higher quality version? --Oecology (discute) 00:07, 3 agosto 2018 (UTC)[reply]

Yes, it does. It is the png version. A svg version exists, but I cannot figure out how to change the one used. Any help would be appreciated! Cgboeree (discute) 18:50, 5 agosto 2018 (UTC)[reply]