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De Vicipedia

Hello! I would be most grateful if you could tell me how to set up the "village pump" for lfn, and the way one can put up interlinks via wikidata. I have been working on the lfn wikia for many years now, but wikipedia is a whole 'nother ball game. Editing is no problem, really, but the larger wiki universe is a mystery to me! Thanks for getting in touch with us novices. Cgboeree (discute) 20:03, 26 april 2018 (UTC)[reply]

Hi Cgboeree, nice to meet the creator of a language online! As for the village pump, that's easy. Create a page named the equivalent of Vicipedia:Village pump and direct people to it. Is there a welcoming template for newcomers? If yes, you can include a link that says "Any questions? Meet us at the Village Pump". You can also put a link on the Main Page that says the same.
Now for the interwikis. Suppose that you have just written an article on Old Norse, Norsce antica or whatever (I don't speak LFN). How do you link it up with articles on other Wikipedias? Well, if you visit one of these, for example en:Old Norse, you will find these interwikis in the margin. At the bottom, there is a tiny link that says "Edit links". Clicking this link will lead to Wikidata. When you scroll down, you will find a list of Wikipedia articles about this topic. Clicking "edit" will open an empty box, in which you can enter a Wikipedia's code (in our case, of course, lfn) and the name of the article. Then click save. In a few minutes, the LFN article will be linked to Wikidata and interwikis will show up in the margin. Good luck, Steinbach (discute) 20:29, 26 april 2018 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks! And it is also nice to meet a fellow Nederlander! I came to the US when I was five, but I can still read the language. I taught myself when I was little by reading "Sjors en Sjimmie". I love a language with rational spelling, don't you? Cgboeree (discute) 11:58, 27 april 2018 (UTC)[reply]

bureaucrat[edita la fonte]

Hello! I was a bureaucrat for the lfn widipedia, but it seems I now am not! How do I get it back?

Also: I would like to replace the png of our logo with an svg (we do have one) or find a way to make it clearer (if the svg is actually being used already). Can you help me?

I have tried to solve my concerns (yes, there are more!), but the "help" pages require an advanced degree in wikipedia jargon! Cgboeree (discute) 20:45, 18 agosto 2018 (UTC)[reply]

I'm afraid I must disappoint you. I'm an experienced Wikipedian, but rather weak in technical issues. I think Meta-wiki is the right place for your issues. You'd better ask a steward for the issue with your "bureaucracy". As for the image: I'm not sure how to put that in. If I find out I'll tell you. Steinbach (discute) 21:38, 18 agosto 2018 (UTC)[reply]