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Hi people, apparently this template divides literatures into national traditions. However, literature history is usually described according to language, not according to nation. Especially for countries with more than one language, this would pose serious problems. Can you, for example, describe Belgian oder Swiss literature? Would be difficult... Steinbach (discute) 15:40, 4 julio 2018 (UTC)

The English Wikipedia seems to have managed to do so: en:Belgian literature (sort of) and en:Swiss literature with sections for each language. Looking through the English version of this template en:Template:European literature, it lists just adjectives which link to pages that describes the literature of a language or of a country with language sections. I propose we make this template a list of adjectives instead of country names and for now leave off ones like Belgian and Swiss until they actually have pages. --Mafcadio (discute) 12:52, 5 julio 2018 (UTC)
  • Again, I agree. But it might be a real problem with India. Nevertheless, I would prefer listing by language. Cgboeree (discute) 20:42, 5 julio 2018 (UTC)